Managing virtual education can be a complicated business. It can be difficult to create structure 和 helpful learning environments for children but t在这里 are plenty of tips 和 tricks to try. 苏珊娜霍顿, Course Leader for BA (Hons) Primary Initial Teacher Education with QTS, has some advice for those trying to navigate teaching from home:

  1. 环境: Have a designated learning space for children so that t在这里 are clear boundaries set. This helps children to focus 和 not become too distracted.  A cosy area for reading, accessing podcasts 和 sharing stories is useful to provide different learning environments. Storing resources 和 stationery in a box means everything is at h和 和 children can easily tidy away afterwards.
  2. 例程: 有固定的日程,但要保持灵活.  Routines help children to feel safe 和, in these times of uncertainty, are definitely useful.  Pin a daily schedule on the fridge so that the family can see what is happening. 然而, remember that you may need to be flexible 和 it is not the end of the world if you can’t be available to help explain pictograms or tally charts because the washing machine has suddenly broken or you are on a Teams meeting – teachers underst和! 
  3. 资源:充分利用现有资源.  These include the BBC 2 和 CBeebies programmes that are being screened daily.  找出信息和时间表 在这里.  看一看 Oak National Academy 因为那里有家长和护理员的专区.
  4. 引进专家: 范围 is a great website with everything in one place from virtual museum visits to useful podcasts for children. 获得科学课程 美国国家航空航天局 or theatre performances from 全球.  检查 国家档案馆 for History resources 和 videos 和 learning to draw with Rob Biddulph. For all things English, take a look at UKLA resources 和 the 大英图书馆. 以你的地理技能为基础 大卫·艾登堡 并采取 戴森的挑战. A quick google search will provide many more free resources.
  5. 户外活动: 在花园里散散步或花点时间散散步.  寻找一些户外学习的想法 在这里.  Or for older children, engage them with some virtual 实地考察.
  6. 保持安全的在线: 确保你知道如何去做 keep children safe online 如果有任何疑问,请与老师沟通.  T在这里 will also be guidance on school websites 和 it is a part of the school curriculum.
  7.  幸福: It is a difficult time for some children as they are unable to socialise, 和朋友见面,或者和其他家庭混在一起.  It may be difficult motivating children to engage with online learning or set tasks. Keep in touch with teachers, pastoral support 和 Year Leads if you have any concerns.  等网站 每个心灵都很重要年轻人 offer support 和 resources which are specific to Covid-19 和 Lockdown
  8.  记住: 空杯子不能倒酒.  休息, keep in touch with teachers 和 make use of additional resources to support home learning.  玩得开心!

苏珊娜霍顿 is a Principal Lecturer 和 the Course Leader for BA (Hons) Primary Initial Teacher Education with QTS. She joined the School of Education in 2012 as a senior lecturer 和 subject lead for Primary English. She leads the undergraduate programme 和 predominantly teaches on the English modules.