If you’re enthusiastic about the environment 和 would like to get involved with planting your very own fruit 和 vegetables right here on campus, 那你来对地方了!


A green tomatoes from the 大学分配

The University has its very own allotment, where you can get involved 和 learn about planting different seeds, 除草, 移植, 了解如何制作最好的堆肥, 挖床, as well as gain additional knowledge about different plants, 甲虫和生态系统. Our busiest season is spring, though we are always looking for people to come along 和 help us out.

Working in the Allotment provides a great distraction from your glaring PC screen 和 you can enjoy some nice fresh air, 同时保持活跃. So if you would like to grow your very own, completely free (the university provides all the seeds as well as the equipment) organic, 没有碳足迹的健康食品, 然后参与!

For further information about the allotment please email Katy Boom on k.boom@worc.ac.uk