Join others who have succeeded with 万博体育app下载入口

In September 2020, 222 students with Access courses started here. 2020年10月, 150 students who started their Access course in September 2016 were awarded degrees- of which 94 gained a First class or 2:1 Honours degree. The 万博体育app下载入口 welcomes applications from students on the Access to Higher Education Diploma. We will support you in the following ways (your application should fall into one of the following three columns):

 学生 applying to non-professional courses which don’t hold interviews 学生 applying to non-professional courses which do hold interviews 学生 applying to professional courses leading directly to a job, 比如护理, 助产术, 物理治疗或教学
 We will offer a conditional place on that course or a similar course (this will include the achievement of certain grades 和 other minimum requirements).

 We will either offer an interview or attempt to offer a conditional place on a similar course. If you are rejected after the interview, you can contact Admissions to discuss alternatives.

 We recommend that you attend a taster day (where possible) 和 Open Day to talk with the staff. Find out the best way to maximise your chances of gaining an interview. Take advantage of any help your college provides on applying for these very competitive courses. Note: you will need relevant work experience before applying so you can discuss it at interview 和 demonstrate that you have made the right choice of course for you.


You need to apply for all courses through UCAS

There is an official UCAS deadline for applications in January. If you have been unable to decide on which course is best for you, 否则你就会错过最后期限, 别担心! There will be a number of courses still taking applications throughout the remainder of the year.

联系 our 招生办公室 to find out which ones via 01905 855111 or


来到万博体育app下载入口的一个或多个 打开事件, where you can attend a talk on the subject you are interested in, 了解财务状况, 和 speak with someone from the course team to discuss any aspect of the course 和 find out what they are looking for in your personal statement. You will also be able to meet the Admissions staff who can answer any questions you have about qualifications or entry requirements, 或者接受入职前的建议. You can pre-book, or just turn up for part or all of the event.

Your College Tutors 和 Student Services will provide you with a lot of support to help you decide which is the best course for you 和 then to apply for that course. They will assist you in preparing your personal statement 和 also help prepare you for interview (if you have one). 利用他们的专业知识! Some colleges also invite our staff in to give extra help to Access students.

Our website is a valuable source of information on the courses we offer, 的准入要求, 和 the content of the course: search for the course pages for any courses you are interested in.



01905 855111